The amenities

You will find a stock of

 brochures and tourist

maps of the region

in the main entrance hall,

the oldest part of the house 

with its bread oven, water

pump, stone sink and tiled

floor dating back to the

origins of the house.

The Tea room,

located in the second entrance,

is where whenever you wish

you can prepare a hot drink

from a selection of teas,

herb teas and coffees.

 The garage for parking

your car or motorbike.


 Adjoining with the garage

you will also find a fridge

- freezer in which you can

keep your food and drinks as

well as a washing machine

and a dryer for your use.

Le Relais du Puits

Evelyne & Michel POOPE
15 rue Augustin Massin

52500 Pressigny


Téléphone :

+33 (0) 325888050

E-mail :

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